Kratom Resin Extract – Recipe ,Dosage & Effects

Kratom Resin Extract – Recipe ,Dosage & Effects

One of the most popular and reliable ways to make your Kratom even stronger is to create a resin extract. This is quite easy to do- in fact, it’s neither harder to cook nor more expensive to cook than water-based extract. Of course, you can buy it from different kratom vendors, but if you don’t want to be spending extra money, or question the quality of the resin you bought, you can easily make it yourself, even being a rookie! What you will create will look something between a chocolate bar and a chocolate pudding (also called a pie). This extract is one of the best you can make, due to the fact it contains a maximum possible amount of alkaloids an plant oils, which can offer you a one of a kind experience, due to high concentrations of its active ingredients. Of course, just like any other mixture, it has its pros and cons:


  • This extract is one of the best you can make, due to the fact it contains a maximum possible amount of alkaloids an plant oils, which can offer you a one of a kind experience, due to high concentrations of its active ingredients
  • Easy to make
  • Cheap to make
  • Stronger and more concentrated than water-based extract


  • Due to its high concentrations, it may have more severe side-effects
  • Increases tolerance to Kratom a lot faster than plain powder

Is the chef ready to cook? We are!

The procedure is the same as cooking a water-based extract, which we discussed in our previous article, but let’s revise it after all:

  • Mix powder in cold water with lemon juice (half a lemon)
  • Boil it for about 20-30 minutes
  • Strain it; leave the liquid as it is, the powder should be boiled again
  • Boil the powder again adding the rest of the lemon juice
  • Combine the 2 liquids
  • Boil them into a chocolate-like syrup
  • Let it cool in a ceramic dish

What is 8x and 15x?

Depending on the proportion of leaves weight and end product weight you can make you extract more or less strong. If you get 1gr of the resin after cooking 8gr of leaves, it will be x8, if 15gr then it will be 15x. Everything above 20x is not strong and won’t let you feel the full effects this extract can offer.

How to use it?

In fact, there are quite a few ways to use your resin. The most popular method is pouring it into the hot boiled water and let it dissolve fully; this way you will have a great cup of Kratom tea. You can look up many tea recipes on the internet, which will tell you what spices to add in order for it to smell nice.

Another way is just cutting a small piece of the resin and swallow it like it was a kratom capsule (which is less preferable than tea; it has the same effects, but you must enjoy the process as well)

The standard kratom dosage for newbies are 2gr of prepared resin. If it’s not your first time, you might as well use 5 to 7gr.


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How Best To Shop For Your Kratom

best shop to buy Kratom

Bearing in mind that Kratom is a valuable herb that everyone wants to feel its real authentic taste, we opt to give you plenty of advice on how best to shop for your Kratom.  By matter of fact, I believe that there is a Kratom vendor locally based in your locality. But actually, what does this vendor sell and at what price?

I have interacted with my allies who fancy this herb just as I do and they always express the frustrations they have to go through to access this absolute herb. Some say the local vendors who sell this herb do it together with other illegal stuff such as cocaine and bang and this makes this blames herb appear like illegal stuff. Some overcharge for low quantity and poor quality. Following our tips here will save you from this havoc.

Ever shopped for Kratom online?

I think this should be the twist in your shopping orientation especially in this era where technology has overtaken us, and now selling is turning online. If you haven’t tried, bet, this will be the most exciting experience in your shopping time. Try to get your favorite Red Vein Kratom and other strains online from the globally known suppliers of this herb and you will have the most exciting and enjoyable shopping moments.

Quality with online is guaranteed

When you shop for Kratom from online stores, then you are likely to land on the best at your best and favorite moments. This is so because the online Kratom vendors display their products alongside with the relevant information about the herb. Here you will have an opportunity to explore their products and land on the best quality as per your desire and your taste.

Online guarantees quantity

Whenever you obtain Kratom from online, remember that quantity is mandatory. Since you will be able to pay for the right products herbs whenever availed to you, the amount shall be binding. That means you will have the opportunity to weigh you Kratom affirm of the quantity before paying for them.

Do inform purchase online

Whenever you shop online, it’s just a must that you will gather sufficient and necessary information about Kratom before you buy it. You will know all the forms that are the

  • capsule,
  • Kratom tea,
  • Kratom powder,
  • and Kratom liquid.

Above all, you will understand which variety of Kratom you are purchasing from the endless list of types of caroms that fold the market. You will also get information on use and the expected effects.

Go ahead and get your herb and enjoy life to your best. Create your hallelujah moments with Kratom. You can’t be left in cocoons of fear, depression, frustration and little sexual power yet Kratom is here! It’s legal, healthy and medically tested and proved. Just get you Kratom online and from the vendors like

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leaving every moment to your best.The secret lies in online shopping. Let’s go online, let’s shop for the best!