Top 4 Best ways to Take Kratom Powder

Today, a hundred of people are consistently discovering the power of kratom and its benefits daily. However, the question that lingers in their minds is how to use kratom powder. While there is no single right or wrong way to use kratom, different people enjoy consuming the strain in different ways. Nonetheless, if you are new to kratom, you might be wondering where to begin and how to take kratom powder in order to get maximum benefits. In this guide, therefore, we cover the question of how to take Kratom powder and list some of the helpful ideas that you can incorporate in your daily routine, which will be more effective.

1. Toss and Wash Method

If you are a beginner, probably this is the first method that you should learn. It is one of the fastest and simple methods of taking kratom powder. The method entails measuring the powder into your desired dosage and pouring it into your mouth. After which, follow it with a gulp of water. In order to get the best experience, once you gulp the water, swill it before swallowing the mixture.

In addition, it is worthy to divide your dose into a couple of mouthful servings instead of doing it at once. This is due to the fact that the less kratom in your mouth, the easier it is to swill and swallow. The method requires minimal preparation and it is the best way if you want to fell fast effect.

2. Tea Method

This method requires you to boil kratom powder in water for a period of not less than 30 minutes. Allow the powder to sit and strain the liquid. With this method, users have reported that they always feel better using the method since it offers a more consistent effect, Although the method is time-consuming, the taste is not too bad and can either be consumed while hot or cold.

Additionally, instead of boiling the powder in water, you can mix your dose with hot water, allow the leaves to settle and strain the leaf residues and drink the strained liquid. The method is fairly effective, but sometimes, it limits some aspects of the effect. Moreover, users report that the analgesic effect of the strain is slightly reduced. However, the stimulating effects of the tea are sensational and more pronounced.

3. Add to Yogurt

In order to mask the taste of the powder, some users recommend using yogurt. However, it is always advisable to take kratom in an empty stomach in order to achieve the maximum benefits.

4. Add to a Protein Shake

Although similar to taking kratom powder using yogurt, the difference is that you will be consuming the strain with more calories. In fact, some of the users assert that they have a better feeling taking protein shake full of calories and kratom.